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Helical Pier Installation

Alternative Building Concepts, Inc. is a certified installer for the AB Chance® Helical Pier Foundation System and is also a member of the Chance® Alliance Network. As of 2010, the Chance® Alliance Network has 15,000+ years of combined work experience which is backed by the AB Chance® Company, whom invented the first Earth anchor in 1812 and has been considered the leader in this field ever since. Chance® is also the ONLY company with enough confidence to offer a 30 Year TRANSFERABLE Warranty. (See our FAQ link)
What is a Helical Pier?
Chance® Helical Piers consist of a load bearing helical pier which is constructed of a steel, helical shaped screw head attached to a high strength galvanized steel column. The steel shafts come in a variety of sizes in order which allows the installer flexibility to assist the Property Owner in saving money. AB Chance® Helical Pier System is the only foundation system that meets all national building standards and has several patents:
1. -BOCA Report 94-27
2. -CABO Report ER5110
3. -ICBO Report 9504
Although there are few copycat systems, AB Chance® is the only foundation soil anchor system that holds the patents and meets and/or exceeds all the building code requirements. A Helical Pier is backed by AB Chance® with a transferable thirty (30) year material warranty, which is the best offer industry wise.
House foundation - foundation repair in Huntington, WV
Helical Pier Foundation Application
The square shaft is desired for installation ease and maximum load capacity of the helices. Shafts and helices are selected for specific installation torques and design loads. Chance® screw anchors are effective in compression because the soil supports the shafts against buckling. Typical applications are deepened foundation anchors for new construction and stabilizing/lifting repairs of existing foundations.
Helical - foundation repair in Huntington, WV
Contractor - foundation repair in Huntington, WV
Retrofit Application
For retrofit applications, brackets are placed at intervals around the building. Anchor bolts hold brackets to the footing.
New Construction Application
Helical Pier Foundation System Anchors install at intervals between footing forms and tie into the rebar gridwork prior to pouring concrete.
There are many more applications for the AB Chance® Foundation System, these are just a few of the capabilities.
Advantages of Using Chance® Helical Piers as Opposed to Hydraulic Push Piers
Uses independent drive head to install piers. Does not touch the home. No vibrations. No disturbance.
Torque used to install, or screw, the piers in the ground equates to the bearing capacity.
End bearing pier.
National Building Codes.
International Standards Organization 9001 Compliant.
A.B. Chance® first patent 80+ years ago. Local contractor 33+ years Licensed, Bonded
Helical Pier - foundation repair in Huntington, WV
Helical Piers - foundation repair in Huntington, WV
Structural problems develop slowly over a period of years. Many problems do not show up for 10 years.
Push Piers - foundation repair in Huntington, WV
Push Pier - foundation repair in Huntington, WV
Uses structure to push the pier into the ground. Requires use of the structures dead load as resistance for installation.
Can lift home during installation.
Friction along entire pier used to support loads.
No Code Approvals.
Have they been in business for 10 years? Will they be in business for another 10 years
Why the System Works
AB Chance® Helical Pier Foundation System offers technically superior and cost effective home repair solutions. Sinking foundations, cracks, bowed foundation walls, and uneven floors are commonly faced annually by a quarter of a million home owners. Homes and other structures settle on unstable soil settle when their foundations are subject to extreme moisture variations or lack of proper drainage. A shift in foundation may result in structural damage to your home, resulting in loss of your investments.
Repair Concepts
Repair concept is founded on the principle of turning a Helix (screw) pile into stable subsoil until the torque of applied indicates the necessary low capacity is achieved. Adjustable house foundation repair brackets are attached to the base of your foundation walls, connecting the piles to the foundation. The weight of your home is then transferred to the pile. In this process, the foundation walls and floors are repositioned and retained from further movement. By transferring the stress load, the soil holds 100% of the weight of your home. It is obvious when there is problems in the soil, there will be problems in your structure. Although there are upper repair procedures known as concrete stabilization, this does not address the issue of drainage or bad soil. In essence, the weight of the home must be taken off the bad soil and transferred to a composition which will hold the home. Dumping concrete or driving straight through (hydraulically driven) does not solve the problem and, in some cases, may increase the problems. This has been proven by mathematics and history over time. Remember, unless the ground was soil tested and drilled when the Contractor built, he initially thought the ground was solid.
With the AB Chance® Helical System, we can transfer the stress load to the repair procedure. The Helical System consists of a load bearing helical pier that is constructed of steel helical shaped plate which is attached to a galvanized high strength steel shaft. The piers are screwed into the ground so the helical shaped plate is anchored in the stable soil. A high torque hydraulically driven head is used to install the helical piers. As the pier comes into contact with the bearing soil, the helical plate becomes more and more resistant. Calculations based on both the torque of the hydraulically driven motor and the amount of resistance experienced by the pier determine the bearing capacity of the soil. This has been engineered and proven in thousands of test loads across the nation. On top of the pier, a heavy duty L-shaped bracket is attached to the footer. This bracket transfers the load down the column to the helical plate, deep in the solid ground. Once in place, hydraulic jacks can be placed overtop the piers to lift the structure for repositioning. In most cases, we are able to close all cracks and return the structure back to original position. No other system can do this!!
As you can see, the AB Chance® Helical System has been chosen as the most reliable fix to any project, big and small, due to the flexibility and unlimited diverse uses.
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