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Foundation & footer Repair in the Tri-State Area


Alternative Building Concepts, Inc. has over 140 years combined experience in the field of foundation repair and stabilization. We are also a Factory Certified/Engineer Trained installer of the renowned AB Chance® Foundation Repair Systems, which now offers a 30 Year Transferable Warranty.
There are different types of repair procedures which could be used but the mostly widely used repair procedures are:
  1. Upper Footing Continuous Stabilizing Procedure
  2. Deep Procedure, which is a Helical Pier Foundation System
After several years of study and review of deep repair procedures, we selected the AB Chance® Helical Pier Foundation System. The AB Chance® System is the only boring system that we felt comfortable with after reviewing the company, looking at their studies, realizing they are the only company that has several patents, realizing that they are 100% eco friendly, and that their materials meets all national building requirements of BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI. The AB Chance® company invented the first Earth Anchor in 1912 and has been a leader in the industry ever since. They are so confident in their system that they offer a Thirty (30) Year Transferable Warranty(see 30 Year Warranty Tab for more information). There are other copycat systems but this is the only Foundation Piering System recognized federally. For this reason, we feel that this procedure would be best used for residential, commercial, and industrial use. The AB Chance® System is used for underpinning, tieback, and construction techniques.
Most foundation problems are a result of poor soil, not poor construction. Transfer loads must be transferred deep into the soil and rock in order to create the vertical load necessary for upper stabilization. The AB Chance® System has been successfully been used to create instant footers for such areas as residential homes, industrial plants, football/basketball/baseball stadiums, schools, churches, restaurants, convenient stores, auto supplies, post offices, gas stations, office buildings, hospitals, apartment building, stairs, towers, elevator shafts, etc. In other words, there is no limit to this system.
Our Senior Consultant holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Design, a Master's of Science in Soil Engineering, is a graduate of the American Inspectors Institute to fully evaluate foundation problems, and has been involved in over $ 25 million dollars of work in various states. Continuing education is one of the keys. We are constantly taking courses in various areas, seminars, and in diagnosing/repairing foundations. Such courses include Foundation Design & Repair, Foundation Underpinning, Foundation & Drainage, Crack Detective, Diagnostic Moisture Problems, and AB Chance® Earth Anchor & Foundation Seminars.
Alternative Building Concepts, Inc. has worked with numerous Structural Engineers to assist in solving problems and supervise quality foundation repairs in various conditions.
Typical symptoms of Foundation problems:
  1. Foundation walls that are bowed or buckled
  2. Doors and windows that stick/don’t open properly
  3. Cracks in foundation walls, both vertical and horizontal
  4. Cracks in exterior walls
  5. Cracks in interior walls and ceilings
  6. Sunken or buckled interior concrete floor
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Alternative Building Concepts, Inc. is a member of the Chance® Alliance Network for Helical Pier foundation repairs, which has 15,000+ combined years experience as of 2010. The Chance® Alliance Network is the industries premier foundation stabilization experts. When working with a Chance® Alliance Network member, you will enjoy piece of mind. You have consumer confidence when you know the job will be done right the first time. Also, by being a part of this network, you will be provided with a dependable engineer based solution that represents honest value.
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The Chance® Alliance Delivers..
..Peace of mind, assurance, and quality
..Industries most effective, dependable system
..Network composed of the industries most reputable installers
..Engineering based solutions vs. a Contractor’s judgment call
..Certified installers providing high accountability and credibility
..Customer Service & Technical Support
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Questions To Ask When Comparing Pier Systems and Installers
  • What is the installers’ level of experience?
  • Is the installer certified by the pier system manufacturer?
  • Does the pier system meet the stringent quality standards of ISO 9001?
  • Does the system meet local and national building codes?
  • Are the piers manufactured in North America using high quality domestic steel?
    What are the chances of future problems?
  • Am I doing enough or should I do more?
  • Should an engineer be involved in determining a repair solution?
  • Is the cheapest method the best option?
  • Will the proposed repair permanently fix the problem?
An AB Chance® Certified Alliance Network representative should be able to answer all of the above questions, assist you and give you piece of mind pertaining to your foundation problems.