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30 Year Foundation Warranty

Chance® 30 Year Warranty
Alternative Building Concepts, Inc. is a certified installer for the AB Chance® Helical Pier Foundation System and is also a member of the Chance® Alliance Network. As of 2010, the Chance® Alliance Network has 15,000+ years of combined work experience which is backed by the AB Chance® Company, whom invented the first Earth anchor in 1812 and has been considered the leader in this field ever since. Chance® is also the ONLY company with enough confidence to offer a 30 Year TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY.
Chance® 30 Year Warranty Questions
Q. What does the 30-year Warranty cover?
Q. What am I guaranteed under the Warranty?
Q. Can I choose the installer?
Q. What if I am not the Original Property Owner....can the Warranty be transferred to me?
Q. Is there any time limit imposed on the transfer of the Warranty?