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Testimonials from the Tri-State Area

What Our Customers Say About Us!
Testimonial # 1:

So sorry I missed you today, but I was working at my mothers house. I would have liked to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my new sidewalk etc. and I LOVE my back door! It is so nice to be the recipient of good work.

Your documentation is incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it. I wouldn’t have had that kind of view of the job if I had been standing out there watching it being done.

I will always remember the unique circumstances that brought me to the right contractor. I am so glad I benefited from the mistake I made. it usually doesn’t work that way.

Thanks again for a job well done.

I hope to see you in the spring if I can get John on board with replacing the deck.
Testimonial # 2:
Dear Mr. Blankenship:

I am very pleased to have had the pleasure to work with you and your team in the recent remodeling of our new office space.

You and your staff were very professional, accessible, and reliable. We were impressed at the outset of our project with the timeliness and completeness of your estimate, during the project with your efficiency and quality work, and afterward in helping us with additional needs as we found them to arise. I’m confident that your business will only continue to succeed in light of such quality. We continually receive compliments from our patients on our new office space thanks in no small part to your quality work.

We look forward to the opportunity to refer clients to you and share our experience of your services with them. All the best in your future endeavors, and thank you for all your help at the beginning of ours!

Testimonial # 3:
Dear Robert,

Now that Jean and I have had some time to enjoy the home maintenance and renovation projects you have completed for us, it is time to send you a letter for your reference files expressing our unqualified thanks.

From the start of work in My, 2007 through its completion in October, 2008 this has been an exciting project. The expertise, effectiveness, and just plain friendliness of all your employees has been a joy to behold. Everyone showed up when they said they would and worked diligently to solve any problems and effectively complete the various stages of both the maintenance and renovation projects.

We are particularly grateful for your honesty and candid assessment of issues and changes as they arose. This was especially evident during our long planning stage. It can't be easy trying to do a good job while working with an artist, architect, and engineer.

We would be happy to act as a reference for any of your prospective customers.

Thanks again for helping us to realize our dream.

Yours truly,
J.H. & J.H.
Testimonial # 4:
Mr. Blankenship,

My wife and I feel that we should give you a letter of reference for the foundation and drainage work that you have completed on our garage. You and your men provided a repair procedure, which you called AB Chance Helical Foundation Repair. Before deciding to go with you, we had investigated several other companies and repairs. We felt most comfortable with you, your company, your product, and the explanation you gave us about the product. We felt that you went overboard to work with us on explaining all areas of the Contract and work. We truly appreciate the outstanding work you and your employees have completed. You and your crew worked many hard hours and were always efficient, neat, polite, and knowledgeable. You always took time to explain to us and never degraded us for asking. Your employees were professional throughout and careful with their work.

We realize the seriousness of foundation work and appreciate your knowledge and expertise in recommending the correct procedure. In short, we experienced minimal inconvenience and are very satisfied with the results. We appreciate all the documentation you had supplied to us. We know that it will be very convenient in the future. Again, we are very happy with the work Alternative Building Concepts, Inc. has completed for us. We would be happy to recommend anyone to your company.

E.H. & O.H.
Testimonial # 5:
In the Fall of 2008, my husband and I decided that we wanted to have our unfinished basement turned into a play room and fitness room. Knowing that it was not a job we could trust with just anyone, we asked around and the name “Alternative Building Concepts” came up in several conversations. I contacted the company and within days I had met with Mr. Robert Blankenship to discuss possible costs and suggestions. I have to say that Mr. Blankenship is an instantly likeable person and was always so genuinely nice and truly knowledgeable about what he does. Over the course of the next few weeks, Mr. Blankenship managed to have plans drawn up, costs broken down, and was able to explain everything to my husband and I so we would know what to expect.

Once the project began, I felt like Mr. Blankenship was very diligent about keeping us informed about progress and was always sure to check with us if a change of plans became necessary. The men who were assigned to our project were always very courteous and friendly and worked very hard at all times. They were even especially good about keeping the “mess” contained to a very limited area (which I know was very hard to do!). I feel like every step of this remodel was carefully planned out and our best interests were always taken into consideration. I never felt persuaded to have anything done that was not necessary. Aside from making our new rooms extremely attractive, Mr. Blankenship made certain that the space was maximized and issues such as electrical work, heating and air flow, accessibility to shut off valves, and any safety concerns were addressed.

The entire project was finished in a timely manner and we could not be more pleased with the results. The results have exceeded our expectations and we use our new rooms every day! I will absolutely 100% be using Alternative Building Concepts again for future renovations to our home and I would recommend them to anyone! I could not have asked for a better experience or better results!

Testimonial # 6:
Dear Robert,

I am writing this letter to let you know how much Kenny and I appreciate your crew and the work that was recently completed at our home.
The crew that worked on our home was neat efficient and polite. We especially appreciated the personal attention that you paid to our project; our son still asks about “Bob the Builder”. Thank you again.

Darla, Barboursville, WV
Testimonial # 7:
Dear Mr. Blankenship,

I am writing to thank you for the excellent construction work done on my house.
The siding, car port and the white posts on the porch combined with the CTi created 100% improvement to my home.

Jenny, Proctorville, OH
Testimonial # 8:
Dear Robert,

Willard and I appreciate the excellent job that you did restoring the drainage system around our home.
We realize the seriousness of foundation work and appreciate your knowledge and expertise in the process and your dedication to providing top quality work.
All in all we experienced minimal inconvenience and are delighted with the results.
You responded with good humor and willingness to comply with my “decorative suggestions”- thank you.

Carolyn, Huntington, WV
Testimonial # 9:
To Whom It May Concern:

I recommend to you the services of Alternative Building Concepts, Inc., Robert Blankenship, for the care and needs of our property. Robert Blankenship and his associates are experienced, creative, sensible, and dependable. As a result of his excellent work, I engaged he and Alternative Building Concepts, Inc. “to bring the interior our home to proper condition to present for sale- in ten years”. I must mention that the craftsmen that he hires are excellent people, comfortable to be around, and accomplish careful and concerned work. They are to be recommended as well.

Janet, Huntington, WV
Testimonial # 10:
Dear Robert and Men:

On behalf of our church, I want to thank you for the tremendous work that you did on the church dome! It is beautiful. The people are amazed at the big change in the sanctuary. Thanks for a terrific job.

J.D., Huntington, WV
Testimonial # 11:
To Whom It May Concern:

I have been very pleased with the overall performance of Robert Blankenship and his associates. They have provided us with not only foundation repair, but have constructed a superbly designed family room, along with a bedroom addition and porch. Other work also included an extensive concrete driveway, roof replacement, and exterior and interior painting. Robert is a very honest, ethical, and pleasant, down-to-earth individual with exceptional talent in the design aspect of the project. I would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating future construction plans.

David L, Huntington, WV
Testimonial # 12:
To Whom It May Concern:

As Director of Store Planning for The Milo Corporation, Robert Blankenship has proven himself to be very reliable and efficient in each instance his services were needed. He has aided us in construction design, complete renovation and does excellent finish work. I would highly recommend the use of his services and would not hesitate calling him in the future.

Director Store Planning of Ohio

Testimonial # 13:
To Whom It May Concern:

My basement was a major undertaking, it is a 40 X 50 and the entire outside was treated along with installing two sump pumps in diagonal corners. I have no leakage since the work was completed in the spring on 1982. In the spring of 1984 they also enclosed my breezeway in a very professional and neat manner. I an very satisfied with all the work that they have completed and would not hesitate to call upon them again.

Janet, Chesapeake, Ohio
Testimonial # 14:
To Whom It May Concern:

In my opinion, this small company can provide effective solutions to foundation problems. I expect that any construction efforts undertaken on other types of work would be equally positive. My opinion is based on my experience and personal observation of almost all of the work accomplished at my home.

W. S., Huntington, WV
Testimonial # 15:
To Whom It May Concern:

When you are a homeowner you know that there is going to be a certain amount of upkeep. Sometimes things happen that are unforeseen and definitely unwanted and unexpected.

My husband and I noticed some cracks going up the side of our 6 year old home, also a crack starting and growing on the kitchen ceiling. We became concerned and called a couple of foundation specialist. One of these being ALTERNATIVE BUILDING CONCEPTS, INC. I could have gone to either one, I felt comfortable with Robert and felt that he was very honest and upfront with me.

When you are having to spend a lot of money for something you really don't want to do but have to (especially since we were getting ready to put our house on the market) it is much easier to work with people who are not only nice but also explain what and why they are going to do something. Robert of ALTERNATIVE BUILDING CONCEPTS, INC. not only takes pictures the whole time they are working, but he also takes videos. They are very thorough and did a very good job. I felt like they went out of their way to finish, get our yard back into the same condition as they found it, in a very timely manner.

They also fixed and finished our kitchen ceiling and did a beautiful job. As you can tell, I was very happy with the work that ALTERNATIVE BUILDING CONCEPTS, INC. did for us. If I ever needed them again, I would not hesitate to call them.

L.S., Huntington, WV
Testimonial # 16:
Dear Sirs:

We would like to thank you for the good quality work you completed at our property on Indian Branch Road. We found your explanation of what needed to be done completely accurate and honest. Then when work began, it was done with skill and expediency. When completed, the property was left neat and attractive.

B.M. & J.M., Huntington, WV
Testimonial # 17:
Dear Robert,

Trudy and I really appreciate the outstanding work that you and your employees did on our porch and walk in closet projects.
We are very impressed with the CTi process, it made the porch look great!

Sam & Trudy, Westmoreland, WV
Testimonial # 18:
Alternative Building Concepts, Inc.,

...I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing this type of work done. They are never ashamed of their work (because they do it right), and their employees take pride in their work.

Mary, Huntington, WV
Testimonial # 19:
Alternative Building Concepts, Inc.,

.......I am thankful Alternative Building Concepts, Inc. always took extra time to go over details and procedures to help me understand the projects. I have been completely satisfied with all my projects and I would recommend them for any construction needs.

Thank you,
Sandra, Huntington, WV