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Concrete Surface Installation in the Tri-State Area

Concrete Technology Incorporated
One of the most commonly asked questions concerning CTi Incorporated products, is "What is it?" CTi's product is a color integrated, modified acrylic product, made of Portland cement, silica sand, and a modified acrylic resin for its bonding agent.
The CTi System can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Although primarily used on concrete surfaces, the CTi System can be used on the interior as well as the exterior with limitless patterns, colors, and textures.
The CTi System is general applied on old concrete between 3/32" to 1/8". CTi's sytems are thin layered cement which depend on adhesion through the use of modified acrylics.
The CTi System achieves a look, texture, and color of any type of stone, or look that you may require. CTi is designed to help correct any imperfections in the original concrete or surface that it is being applied to. The final clear coat, which is installed over the system and is non-porous, protects it as well as makes it very easy to maintain. Mold, mildew, motor oil, etc. can be cleaned and sprayed off with a regular garden hose. Use of common detergents may also be used to remove tough or repetitive latencies
The CTi System is strong and durable with compression strength of 7,000 PSI and is harder than concrete. Most concrete compression strength is around 2,500 - 3,500 PSI. Other advantages of CTi are that it is freeze/thaw, fade, alkali, stain, heat and salt resistant. It is an ideal apllication for common areas such as dens, driveways, swimming areas, patios, garage floors and many, many more.
Stairs - CTi in Huntington, WV
It is an average of 7,000 PSI which is twice as strong as original concrete.
Common uses for Interior / Exterior Surfaces:
* Driveways
*Car Ports
*Garage Floors
*Many More