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FAQ's for Alternative Building Concepts Inc. in West Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation Questions
Q. Do you repair foundations?
Q. What system do you use in foundation repair?
Q. If there are cracks in block / brick or if a wall is bowing, is this an area to be concerned with?
Q. Do you install new construction supports?
AB Chance® 30 Year Warranty Questions
Q. What does the 30-year Warranty cover?
Q. What am I guaranteed under the Warranty?
Q. Can I choose the installer?
Q. What if I am not the Original Property Owner....can the Warranty be transferred to me?
Q. Is there any time limit imposed on the transfer of the Warranty?
Miscellaneous Questions
Q. Do you work with waterproofing and drainage systems?
Q. Are you a licensed Contractor?
Q. How long have you been in business?
Q. Do you give free estimates?
Q. Do you do residential, commercial, and industrial work?
Q. Do you build houses or do renovations of residential or commercial?
Q. Do you know anything about lead safety?
Q. Are you insured?
Q. Is your company or are your men required to take part in continuing education?
Q. Are your men supervised?
Q. Do you use subcontractors?
Q. Why do you use the slogan “Leaders in Construction, Followers of Jesus”?
CTi Questions
Q. What is Concrete Technology Inc.'s product?
Q. What warranty is involved?
Q. What colors does it come in?
Q. How long does it take to do a job?
Q. What does it look like?
Q. Is CTi resistant to any foreign objects?
Q. Are there different sealers for different products?